How to Build Robots with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

How to Build Robots with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Don’t BUY a robot, design and build your own with our free, self-paced online course!

The course covers all the information you need

  • Choosing the brain - Micro controllers and single board computers – including Arduino, ESP8266, and/or Raspberry Pi
  • Give your bot a body! Custom chassis using OnShape, Fusion 360 and Tinkercad, and then ...
  • 3D printing your creations (optional, but awesome)
  • Or maybe you prefer to laser cut or CNC? (even more optional, also very awesome)
  • Giving your robot sight and touch using sensors
  • Webcam vision and streaming
  • Remote control via RC, radio, Wifi and bluetooth
  • Building a web interface
  • Getting your bot to move - DC motors, servos, stepper motors …
  • … and more!
Chris Garrett
Chris Garrett
Chief Maker

About the instructor

Chris Garrett is the founder of Maker Hacks. While he is not a classically trained expert in all things electronics, engineering, artificial intelligence or robotics, he has gained several years of experience in building bots the hard way!

He's just like you; someone who loves to make things (especially things that do cool stuff) and who enjoys to learn by doing.

As he started learning he would share what he discovered, and a community started to form, first on Facebook that numbers in the thousands, and now here, in these courses.

As well as the Maker Hacks community, Chris is an admin/mod of some of the most popular Facebook groups for makers, so he is always in touch with the makes around the world, what has them interested, and the challenges they face.


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